How well do you know pokemon?

There Are Alot Of Pokemon Trainers In The World Only A Few Are Loyal Ones. What Is A Pokemon Trainer? A Pokemon Trainer He Or She Catching Creatures From Any Type Example: Squirtle Water Type Now You Know What Is A Pokemon Trainer

Are YOU A LOYAL POKEMON TRAINER? Do You Know All The Facts About Well Lets Test You're Skills To The Pokemon Trainer Take This Quiz And You Will Be A LOYAL POKEMON TRAINER

Created by: Aaron Stern
  1. Who was the main character in the anime
  2. How Many Regions Were There In The Pokemon Anime
  3. How Many Pokemon Were There In The First Region
  4. Who Is The Quickest Starter
  5. What Pokemon That Looks Like John Cena
  6. What Pokemon That Looks Like Jackie Chan
  7. Who Was Ash's Strongest Pokemon In The Kalos Region
  8. Who Was Ash's Girlfriend
  9. Did Ash Create His Draw My Life [PS It Was Fake]
  10. What Pokemon Is Famous But A Noob

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Quiz topic: How well do I know pokemon?