how much do you know about pokemon

I love pokemon.I am really a chold but I hope to all of you that you will share my love of pokemon.A pokemon is a creature that is simallar to things in our world.

I created this quiz becuse I was bored and I wanted to do something for future genaritions.DO you know your pokemon facts then let's find out shall we?

Created by: maya shohamy
  1. who is ash
  2. who is ash's starter
  3. ash isn't friends with alan(the giy with mega charizard X) becuse Alan is part of team flare
  4. why didn't pikachu evolve yet
  5. ash's greninja is hero to what city
  6. ash catches what type pokemon first in every region
  7. what type is hawlucha?
  8. serna's starter is
  9. clemont is a gym leader TRUE OF FALSE
  10. a drangon air can fly TRUE OF FALSE

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about pokemon