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Welcome to my quiz! I hope you enjoy it. It's weird, but fun. Or at least it was fun for me to write XD I'm a bit weird. Please spam the comments to help me level up! I believe Senior ranking is next :D


Created by: Cinnamon_Roll

  1. Hihi :) Welcome to my quiz. Feel free to sit down and relax *gestures to some chairs*
  2. Would you like a drink?
  3. If you chose yes, I have any kind of tea and I own the Starbucks franchise so you can get anything from there
  4. How about something to eat? I have an unlimited supply of McDonald's nuggies, Totino's pizza rolls, and homemade cinnamon rolls
  5. So *sits down across from you with a Starbucks cappuccino, a plate of nuggies, pizza rolls, and cinnamon rolls, and a clipboard* how do you like the quiz so far?
  6. Ok. I'm bored. What should we do?
  7. Ok so I'm sorry if you chose otherwise, but we're gonna have a dance party :) it seems like the thing that'll cure my boredom the best. So... *pulls up Apple Music and turns on dance playlist* LET'S DANCE
  8. Me: *Le crazy dance*
  9. Now. Who is ready. For. Some. WAFFLES
  10. Ok, my little beby nephew needs a bottle and I'm babysitting him so I gtg now, thanks for stopping by!

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