Which Erotica Heroine Are You?

Are you shy and retiring like Fifty Shades Anastasia Steele? Or strong and feisty like Bared To You's Eva Tramell? The bestselling romance books since Fifty Shades of Grey have topped the charts. So which should you star in?

Find out which bestselling adult romance you would lead in. And discover who from the choice of sizzling male heroes should be your best leading man...

Created by: Pageturners
  1. What would you wear on a first date?
  2. What's your past like?
  3. How do you relate to men?
  4. What's your hair like?
  5. What's your drink of choice?
  6. Can you keep a secret?
  7. Favourite footwear?
  8. Who's your favourite Disney heroine?
  9. What's your best quality
  10. What wedding dress would be your choice?

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Quiz topic: Which Erotica Heroine am I?