Which literary heroine are you?

Cathy Earnshaw or Jane Eyre? Petrova or Posy? Scarlett or Melanie? Lace or Valley of the Dolls? We are all shaped by the books we read growing up - find out which literary heroine turned you into the woman (or man) you are today.

Inspired by Samantha Ellis' "How To Be A Heroine: Or, what I've learned from reading too much" this light-hearted quiz will help you discover which literary heroine YOU most resemble...

Created by: ruthw
  1. It is a wild blustery day. Do you:
  2. A boy says he would like to kiss you. Do you:
  3. Your best dress is soiled with some unidentifiable brown substance. Do you:
  4. It is the middle of the night. You hear strange thumping noises in the attic. Do you:
  5. Your family sinks into dire poverty. Do you:
  6. Your career of choice is:
  7. Your best friend is:
  8. Reader, I:
  9. For breakfast I had:
  10. Is is a truth universally acknowledged that:

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Quiz topic: Which literary heroine am I?