Meet Me Halfway Part 10

Sup? (: So this is part 10 of the quiz series "Meet Me Halfway" (Made every Friday's) I really hope you guys like it. I put a lot of thought into it.

Jerimiah has a british accent, dark brown hair, brown eyes, and is the intelligent, yet sensitive one. Rave has black hair, emerald green eyes, and is the romantic, mysterious one. & Shayne has very dirty blonde hair, ocean eyes, and is the funny, outgoing one. I picture the boys with the hot "emo cut" but you can picture them anyway you like (:

Created by: Dannica- YEAAAA
  1. "OH MY GOSH, I'M BLEEDING & IT HURTS!!" You screamed. "Ok, hold on I'm driving to the hospital right now!" Jerimiah yelled from the driver's seat. You grasped your arm and started heavily breathing as loads of blood were coming out. You started crying as it hurt really bad. Shayne and Andrew were trying their best to keep you calm, while Rave was giving Jerimiah directions to the nearest hospital. "I'M GOING TO DIE!" You screamed out loud. "NO, you're NOT." Shayne said in a strict, yet reassuring voice.
  2. The pain lessened, but you were still very much in shock about what happened. You sniffled and asked, "Why did he do that?" "_____, he was aiming for your neck. You're lucky. We told you to be safe. We know it's not your fault, but now we have tp be oober careful." explained Andrew. You nodded with tears streaming down your face. You looked out the window, trying to forget the pain, then saw Jerimiah park in the hospital parking lot.
  3. You power walked to the hospital with the boys and went up to the receptionist, trying to sound mature about the whole situation. "May I help you miss?" She asked with a smile. Apparently, she didn't realize that you were bleeding so Rave cut in. "Um, Miss, yea her arm is bleeding. So, if you could please SEND A FREAKING DOCTOR OR NURSE OUT HERE?" The receptionist was taken aback and replied, "Well then, SIR, NO NEED TO USE YOUR OUTSIDE VOICE." She picked up the phone and ordered Nurse Valentine to come to the front immediately.
  4. A nice looking nurse come out the front. She looked at you with a smile, but before you could greet her, "Nurse Valentine" took a gun out of her pocket and pointed it at you. The hospital was filled with screams, including yours, and out of nowhere, you heard Rave scream, "I'VE HAD ENOUGH WITH THIS CRAP!" Then, you saw fire, fire, and more fire. Everywhere. Shayne grabbed you unexpectedly and carried you on his back while Andrew and Jerimiah were trying to get everyone out of the hospital before it all burned down.
  5. You and Shayne reached the car and he asked, "Are you ok?" You nodded, unable to speak and just collapsed on the ground crying. Shayne took a seat next to you and there was a moment of sad and confusing silence. "look at me. please." he said. You tilted you head and looked into his gorgeous eyes. "What if Jerimiah and Andrew don't save all those people?" Shayne looked at the ground and let out a sad sigh.
  6. "You probably don't know this, but Rave is kind of new to this stuff and can't control his powers when he's angry. He cares about you a lot, and he didn't want you to get hurt. Don't blame this on him." You looked at your shoes and said, "you didn't answer my question. Shayne, there are patients in there, and Doctors and Nurses who dedicate their life to save other people's lives. They're all innocent. If Jerimiah and Andrew don't save them, I'm going to feel like it's all my fault." You started crying on Shayne's shoulder. He held you in his arms and whispered in your ear, "It's not your fault. None of this is."
  7. Your moment was interrupted when Jerimiah screamed,"SHAYNE WE NEED YOUR HELP!" Shayne got up, motioned you to stay there and started running to the hospital front. You sat there flabbergasted and started wondering where Rave was. You got up, still clutching your arm, and saw Rave in the distance at the parking lot. You started walking towards him, but when you got close, you realized what he was doing.
  8. You started running towards him trying to stop him from bashing the car. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" You asked in a tone that reminded you of your mom. "_____, please stay away, I'm not safe right now." "NO. You just need to calm down!" You responded lowering your voice. For a second, you thought Rave was crying. You looked at him more, and realized he was. You opened your arms and hugged him tightly. "I don't want you getting hurt." He whispered.
  9. "Uh, guys? Yea, thanks for helping us save all those people -___-" Andrew said sarcastically. "Sorry." You said back a little offended. "I'm just glad you're ok. You're like my little sister." Andrew replied. "You don't even know me." You said killing the moment. "Whatever." he replied.
  10. "We need to get out of here before the police show up." Jerimiah said seriously. "Oh great. We burn down a hospital and try to flee to Tokyo before the Po-Po find us. Lovely." You thought in your mind.

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