Meet Me Halfway Part 9

Hey (: So this is part 9 of Meet Me Halfway, & I hope you like it :D Leave some places that you want to go to so I can maybe put it in the story :D

Jerimiah has a british accent, dark brown hair, brown eyes, and is the intelligent, yet sensitive one. Rave has black hair, emerald green eyes, and is the romantic, mysterious one. & Shayne has very dirty blonde hair, ocean eyes, and is the funny, outgoing one. I picture the boys with the hot "emo cut" but you can picture them anyway you like (:

Created by: Dannica ♥

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  1. "HOLY CRAP!" you were thinking in your mind. Jerimiah was already out there, fighting those demented people. You peeked a little and Jerimiah looked like a mental person swinging and kicking at air. It was actually kind of funny to watch, but at the same time frightening.
  2. -Meanwhile at the suite. Rave was throwing fireballs at those ninja like people (since he was a firestarter), Shayne was biting people's flesh with his gigantic teeth (since he was a shape shifter), and Andrew was swinging away with his sword that be brought with him. Sooner or later, all the people fell to the floor and *poof* the bodies were replaced with green red dust.
  3. Rave, Jerimiah, and Andrew went to see if you and Jerimiah were ok. They arrived there in central park and saw that Jerimiah needed some help. You peeked out of the bush again and just sat there freaking out deciding what to do.
  4. You decided to just sit there. Then you felt bad so you popped out of the bush to help, but it was too late. The ninja people turned into red dust. "eh, I wouldn't be that much of help anyways."
  5. "are you ok?" said Rave, who was obviously tired out. "Huh? Oh yea, I'm fine. How about you guys?" All the guys nodded and Shayne said with a worried tone, "We have to get out of here. Before Dawson figures out we're still alive.
  6. Andrew went to get all the stuff with Jerimiah and Shayne, so it was just you and Rave. Thoughts?
  7. "Soo..." you said trying to break the awkwardness. "Hey so um, I have to tell you something..." Rave said looking at the ground. "Ok, what is it?" You asked suddenly getting butterflies in your stomach. "Um...I kind of like you...a lot..."
  8. "uh...really?" You asked having different emotions at the same time. Before Rave could answer, Andrew yelled from across the park, "COMMON GUYS WE HAVE TO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" "ok then." You said with a little laugh. You and Rave started walking side by side and "accidently", your hands touched.
  9. You both smiled at eachother, but unfortunately, you were at the car already. "You guys ready?" Shayne asked. "umm yeeaaaa..." You said hesitant. You got into the car in between Andrew and Shayne. Rave was in the passenger seat and Jerimiah was driving. You all were laughing and having a good time when all of a sudden you saw a man at the side of the road. You loved helping people so you made Jerimiah stop and roll down the window. "Where are you going, sir?" You asked in a kind tone. "Madison Square Garden" He said in a deep voice. "Please?" You said to the boys.
  10. The mysterious man hopped in the very back of the car and thanked you. "no problem." You said back with a smile. "What a waste." He said with a devious laugh. "What are you talking about?" Andrew asked cautiously. "You turned around to face the man. With horror stricken across your face, he had a knife in his hand and tried to shank you. Luckily, he missed, but he badly cut your arm. It was a really deep cut and you started screaming and crying because it stung so bad. Before any of the boys could do something, the man disappeared.

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