Meet Me Halfway Part 8

Hey guys (: SO. You see? I can keep promises, every Friday just like I said :D Anyways, this is part 8 of the series "Meet Me Halfway" I hope you like it ((:

Jerimiah has a british accent, dark brown hair, brown eyes, and is the intelligent, yet sensitive one. Rave has black hair, emerald green eyes, and is the romantic, mysterious one. & Shayne has very dirty blonde hair, ocean eyes, and is the funny, outgoing one. I picture the boys with the hot "emo cut" but you can picture them anyway you like (:

Created by: Dannica.
  1. The next morning, Rave was already up with the rest of the boys making breakfast. It actually smelled really good, so you lazily got up and took a seat at the table all in your pj's, bed hair, & morning breathe, not caring whether the boys see you or not. "What's so breakfast?" You asked. Shayne lay down 4 plates on the table and replied, "breakfast burritos with egg, sausage, potatoes, green peppers, and cheese."
  2. "Sounds good" you said back eager to try it out. (Fast Forward) When you all were finished with your burritos, which was quite good actually, you heard someone knocking on the suite door. You looked through the peep hole, just in case it was Dawson, but saw someone else standing there. It was a boy, your age, with black hair and hazel eyes. You found him really cute, yet hesitated to open the door.
  3. "umm, who is it?" You called. "Andrew" said the boy outside of the door. "ANDREW?" you looked down and realized you looked like crap. You ran past the boys into the room to get all dolled up since you wanted to him to have a good impression of you.
  4. You got out wearing your best outfit that complimented you well. You went into the living room and saw the boys sitting there on the couch talking and watching tv. Not wanting to sound desperate, you cleared your throat and said, "Oh hey there, you're Andrew right?"
  5. Andrew stood up, smiled, and said, "Yea. & you must be _____. nice to meet you." You melted inside. He didn't have dimples, but he sure didn't need them. All your bags were packed ready to go to London. You and Jerimiah were the first ones to get ready so you had a little extra time on your hands. Jerimiah sat down with you on the couch and said, "Come with me, I have a little surprise for you."
  6. You followed him out of the suite into his car and put your seat belt on. "Where are we going?" You asked excitedly. "Well, if I told you it wouldn't be a surprise now wouldn't it?" You smiled to yourself and just lay back on the seat admiring the tall buildings of New York City. Jerimiah parked the car as you read the sign that said, "CENTRAL PARK".
  7. He opened the door for you with a grin and took out a blindfold from his pocket. He carefully wrapped in around your head, covering your eyes, took your hand, and started leading you to the place he desired. In a few minutes, he took off your blindfold, and in front of you was a blanket spread across the green grass of the park along with a picnic basket and a stereo. "This is predictable...but it's so sweet." You said out loud. Jerimiah just laughed and told you to sit down.
  8. "Why did you do this? If you don't mind me asking." You said curiously. "Think of it as a late Valentine's Day present. & besides, I kind of like you..." He admitted. "You like me?" You sat there wondering what you did that made him like you since you thought you weren't that pretty, like every girl in the world doesn't.
  9. You were about to respond to him, when all of a sudden, people dressed in all black, kind of like ninjas, jumped out of the trees and bushes and surrounded you and Jerimiah. Then in a flash, they were gone. "What was that?!" You exclaimed, shocked. Jerimiah grabbed you hand and started running from which you thought was nothing since you could clearly see, no one was chasing you two. You both hid behind a bush that hasn't been trimmed in a while, "Why were we running, no one was chasing us...?" You asked quite scared. "Those people are out to get you. Since you don't have any super natural powers, you can't see them, but I can. They turned invisible, out of sight so that nothing seemed out of the ordinary in the park and-- shhh...they surrounded us... just stay here ok?"
  10. *Meanwhile at the suite, the boys are fighting Dawson's recruits who were the people that attempted to attack you.

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