Girls Aloud Quiz

There are many people listening to Girls Aloud, but not all of them can call themselves true fans. Are you one of them? Are you up for the chalange? Find out bu taking our quiz!

Are you a dedicated Girls Aloud fan? Do you know everything there is to know about the girls? Are you a Kimba worshiper? Find out by taking a part in our quiz!!

Created by: Luk
  1. When did the band first get together?
  2. Which band member once worked as a waitress and hails from Newcastle?
  3. What was the name of the TV show that launched Girls Aloud?
  4. How many albums have they released?
  5. Which of these was a number one single?
  6. Who is the youngest in the band?
  7. What is Sarah's star sign?
  8. Which one is from Ireland?
  9. Which one used to be a drama teacher?
  10. Who was the first girl to make it into Girls Aloud?

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