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This quiz is meant for any fan of Girls Aloud. This will test thier knowledge for the past 10 years; this pop group has been together. Girls Aloud are here to stay!

Do you have what it takes to be a true fan of Girls Aloud. take this test and see if you are a fan. With record breaking success, lets see if you know thier history!

Created by: muah

  1. Girls Aloud were formed on a Reality TV show called?
  2. How many weeks did "Sound of the Underground" stay at number 1 on the UK charts?
  3. "No Good Advice" debuted on both the Irish and UK singles charts at number?
  4. Girls Aloud were criticised by Oasis fans by using which of their songs guitar riff in "Life Got Cold"?
  5. Their fourth single "Jump" was used as a soundtrack for which film?
  6. Why is the single "The Show" special to the memebers of Girls Aloud?
  7. Which three members of Girls Aloud were only to be featured on the Demo version of "Love Machine"?
  8. Which Girls Aloud song was the offcial Children In Need single in 2004?
  9. "Wake Me Up" is which members favorite track from the [What Will the Neighbours Say?] album?
  10. The song "Long Hot Summer" was intially written for what Disney Film?
  11. "Biology" is the only Girls Aloud song which has the chorus starting at?
  12. Which Girls Aloud member regrets releasing "See the Day" as a single?
  13. "Crazy Fool" a B-side to "Whole Lotta History" is sung by which Girls Aloud member alone?
  14. "Something Kinda Ooh" was released as the lead single off which album?
  15. The single "I Think We're Alone Now" was used in which Film in 2006?
  16. "Walk This Way" the 2007 Comic Relief single was covered by Girls Aloud and which other Pop Group?
  17. "Sexy! No No No's" music video was the fourth single by the group directed by?
  18. The music video for "Call the Shots" was shot in what city?
  19. Promotion for "Can't Speak French" was put on hold, so which member could sort through her marital problems?
  20. How many singles did the "The Promise" sell in its first week of release?
  21. Which two members hurt themselves while filming the music video for "The Loving Kind"?
  22. "Untouchable" was the first single not to chart within the Top 10. What position did it reach on the UK Charts?
  23. Girls Aloud were the first celebrity guest to appear on what show?
  24. While coming down from the ceiling, the lift which held the girls, tilted on the way down. Which tour did this event occur?
  25. During the Tangled Up Tour, which pop group opened for Girls Aloud?
  26. Which single was not performed during the "Girls Aloud Party"?
  27. Which Britney Spears song was covered on the "Out of Control Tour"?
  28. How many Top Ten Hits do Girls Aloud have in total?
  29. Girls Aloud supported which band as their last gig together, before going on hiatus?
  30. In 2007 & 2011; the Guinness World Records gives Girls Aloud the record for?

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