How Much Do You Know About The WWE/WWF?

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This is a quiz about the WWE, quite hard, some questions easy though. Still, to pass it, you might need a little bit of Attitude Era knowledge to answer some of these questions...

Are you a WWE fan? Are you? No seriously, speak aloud, let everyone know, are you?! Thank you for participating in my useless speech! As I was saying, if you take this quiz (which you should) you will find out if you are a true wrestling fan, or one of those people who say stuff like "John Cena never won!!! I hate WWE!!". Lets' just hope you're not..

Created by: James Thomas

  1. Who was Undertakers' first WrestleMania opponent?
  2. Wade Barretts' finishing move is...
  3. What is Wrestlemania XXVIIs' official theme song?
  4. Who holds the record for the shortest time in a Royal Rumble match?
  5. The 11 time World Heavyweight Champion is...
  6. The name of Booker T's theme is...
  7. Who holds the record for the longest amount of time in a Royal Rumble match?
  8. What is the formal name for Starship Pain?
  9. From Cleveland, Ohio, weighing in at 231 lbs., ______!
  10. Who was the first Divas' Champion in history?
  11. How much does Yokozuna weigh?
  12. Whcih one of the following were a TRUE tag team?
  13. Who entered 28th in the 2011 Royal Rumble match?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About The WWE/WWF?