Amerian Civil War battles

American History is quite wide and often taught. how well can you do? some questions are very hard and require alot of knowledge in this subject. :)

can you pass? test yourself on some easy and hard questions. i bet some of the names will be unknown to you. when writing i didnt know a few!!!!!!!!

Created by: Connor
  1. What was the first Major battle of the civil war?
  2. What battle caused the Union the siege Mississippi river ports?
  3. What battle caused the Confederacy to never fight on union soil again?
  4. which battle was one of the battles NOT fought in a state?
  5. What was the last battle of the Civil War?
  6. Battle between the first ever Iron Clad ships, CSS Virginia and USS Monitor?
  7. What was the deadliest battle?
  8. what is yet another famous turning point?
  9. What was the final battle of Sherman's March to the Sea?
  10. what battle was a Confederate capture of Union forces?

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