Mythical Battle: Will You Survive?

There are many battles going on in the world. There are small, almost insignificant battles fought when we make ordinary desisions, friend vs. friend battles, and then we have the huge, colossal battles, fought with guns and bombs. There are also the mythical battles, one of which is right here on this quiz.

Will you survive a mythical battle? Do you have what it takes to survive and maybe earn something more in return? Well, what are you waiting for? Go find out!

Created by: DragonKitty
  1. Your leader tells you and your group that you may decide where to attack from. You have two options. The first is attacking from above, from a hill. You would have the upper ground, but the enemy's troops would outnumber you 5-1. The second option would be to climb up a near cliff face, and outnumber the enemy 3-1. Keep in mind that you may have to compromise weaponry and cannons for stealth and quickness if you choose the latter. You choose....
  2. Whichever one you chose, you are now on the battlefield of your choice. To your right, there are two hundred horsemen with swords. To your left, there stands two hundred foot soldiers and fifty archers. You can not divide your troops. Which group do you attack first?
  3. Whichever one you chose, it doesn't matter. Since your goal is to protect the most prized possession of your kingdom, while keeping the army at a size of 50,000, you will have a difficult decision. The prized possession is carried by the royal messenger, which, yes, is in the midst of the battle, and is about to be killed by 50 soldiers at once. On the other hand, there are 20,000 men all surrounded by enemy men. You may lose the battle if you do not help your men, but you will not accomplish your goal if you do not save your possession. There is a slim chance of being able to protect either. You....
  4. Whichever one you chose, you succeeded, but barely. Your right arm is wounded and you can't seem to move it. Also, both legs are injured. No one seems to notice your injuries, and you are about to be killed by an enemy soldier. At your feet are a sword and a shield. You have time to pick up only one and save your life. You choose...
  5. Now, you are injured and your troops are failing miserably. You are of little or no use now, so you have two options. The first is to go to the infirmary, where you can be healed by magical use, and the second is to be healed by one of the soldiers, who also know magic. In your injured state you can not use it, and did not want to earlier in case you accidentally baited the enemy in to using their magic, which is stronger than yours. Healing in the infirmary means that while you may live, your fellow soldiers might not. Healing on the battle field means that you can get back in to action quickly, though you may not survive. You choose...
  6. You are now healed, whether you chose infirmary or battle field. But your troops are now being picked off by archers. If this continues, then you will have to retreat. You have a few men to spare, but if you use them to kill the archers then you may not have enough people on the actual battle ground. If you choose to bring the actual fight to the archers, it will take longer, but it will mean that you will have an exellent battle ground. You choose?
  7. Whichever one you chose, you have now completed it. You need to decide what will be your final stand. This final stage of battle will determine everything from how your enemies view your army, to how the outcome of the battle goes. You can either use your magic and use it to defeat the enemy that way, or you can bring in a dragon. Your choice?
  8. Anyway, you have now won the battle. Your enemy is defeated, but there are a few survivors. You can either kill them, thus eliminating the chance of escape, or you can hold them hostge, for ransom. You choose?
  9. Now that the battle is over, the wounded lie dying on the ground and the dead are strewn across the land. You can choose to save the wounded, though doing so will weaken your men on the return voyage, making them likely to die of illness, cold, hunger and much more. Or, you can leave them to die a long, hard death, but the remaining soldiers stay strong. You choose?
  10. Alright. You can't leave a whole strip of land covered in bodies. How do you deal with them? Burning, which is quick but dishonerable and you will get in to trouble with your ruler. Or you can bury them, which will delay your return by a week, no less.
  11. Finally, when you return, your leader offers you a promotion for your valiant deeds. This will mean more battles, and deadlier ones too. Or, you an accept a healthy sum of money. Either one will bring you a life of luxury for the rest of your days. You choose?
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