Would You Survive A Werewolf Attack?

As werewolves come to take over Earth, hiding for milineas, they finally come out. They are killing more & more Humans everyday. This could be the battle for Man's survival.

Could you survive? Go on this "Quiz Journey", a journey, but in quiz form! ^ ^ making sacrifices, & having loses. Will you die, Die as a Hero, live, or will you Live As a famous fighter in this epic battle?

Created by: Mary
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  1. How did you know of the attack?
  2. When you figure out of the attack, wut do you do?
  3. You get what kind of weapon?
  4. Someone is bleeding really bad. You don't know this person though. What do you do?
  5. There's a little girl about... maybe 9, 10, 15 ft away from you. You see a werewolf is about to kill her. You...
  6. Your Bestest, BESTEST friend is bleeding to death, you...
  7. If you knew some of the werewolves spoke English, you would...
  8. You wanna a tradegy. Wud is it?
  9. Would you do suicide if this was real?
  10. The final battle is here. A giant humugous army of werewolves attacted. Few are left. You're cornered. You ...
  11. You, your best friend, and 3 other of your friends are alive. One of you must die to let the others live. Who Dies?
  12. Just say one of the other 3 people went. The werewolves bring you to a camp to be slaves. Two people get an illness that CAN be deadly. You & your friend are those to people. So... who get's the cure?
  13. You & your Boy/Girl friend are the only survivors. What do you do in the camps?

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