Would you survive the Ultimate Alein Battle?

Aliens! Run! RUn! OMG! You there! You! You are gonig to save us?! Oh thank you!!! Oh, oh, go, go! The weapon shed is a half mile from here!!! Go, save the world!!!

The Genral: Your name's G6. Remember it. These Aliens are a ruthless breed of sort. Good luck" You advance in the "journey quiz" which i made a werewolf one too!!! I just hope... you can SURVIVE this one....................

Created by: DragonWolf123
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  1. You are called about the attack. You have an option to join the war. Yes, or no?
  2. You come to the Army base. Which weapon?
  3. You our Genral. What's your techneque of fighting?
  4. What are you doing right now?
  5. You are fighting, and a plasma ran gun "bullet", "ray" thingy is about to hit your Best Friend, what do you do?
  6. Your shot. By your OWN HUMAN!!! What do you do?
  7. You are fighting the Aliens, & defeated. They say you are a good warrior. "Will you join us"? Yes, you get to rule the world with them . No...
  8. Your in the camp. You see horror. Would you escape this place, knowing if caught, you'd be killed?
  9. You're caught. But the Genral has a little "thing" for you, & says, she'll/he'll kill one of your friends, instead of killing you/the whole group. You...
  10. An alien that killed your friend says he/she LIKES you!!! :O And you are currently single.
  11. The final question... You have made an alien angry in the camp. it ponits it's gun at you. You...
  12. Kidding! If you are so scared of something, would you "become" a monster to not do it?

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