Which Battle That Never Ends Character are you?

The Battle That Never Ends. The Battle is the constant madness of the rivalry between light v.s Dark; Ying v.s Yang; Satan v.s God. So much destruction has been caused from this conflict until one day where a group of what normal human beings called "others" will come together some evil some good. They come to end the battle of good v.s evil once and for all.

So here are 6 popular "others" and maybe strongest. Find out which you are and what kind of personality you have and what your life prize will be, your weaknesses, and the quote you should follow. Come take this quiz and be prepared to find out the "other" inside of you and find out whether you truely are the good or evil.

Created by: amazon
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  1. How Do You View Life?
  2. A Guy/Girl Walks up to you and gives you atitude what do you do?
  3. You find out your friend betray you what do you do?
  4. You Find out that your supposed to fight in a giant war that will decide the world's fate and that you will be the deciding point of it all you then..
  5. What Power Would You Want?
  6. Which Do you find most annoying?
  7. You see the love of your life again after 10 years of not seeing them wat's your reaction?
  8. Which Do You most beleive in?
  9. Why do you fight?
  10. What is your one fear?
  11. What would you wear in a war?
  12. What does the phrase "The Battle Never Ends"
  13. Light or Evil

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Quiz topic: Which Battle That Never Ends Character am I?