What World War II Battle are You ?

What World War II battle are you ? Given the fact that it was the bloodiest conflict in human history with fifty-eight million dead as a result, you are bound to find a famous battle from the war that matches your personality.

It doesn't matter if you were on Allied or Axis side of the battle, the battle you receive as a result of this quiz is the near absolute truth. Itching to know what you are ? You are about to find out....

Created by: Jim Kane
  1. Which of the following artists do you most frequently listen to ?
  2. People would most likely describe you as__
  3. Which is your favorite of the films listed below ?
  4. What are your thoughts on winning ?
  5. What is your favorite time of year ?
  6. Which of the following locations do you find most appealing ?
  7. Which Accent do you find the sexiest ?
  8. If you were in any service in the military, what would it be ?
  9. What is your weapon of choice ?
  10. Which of the following activities most appeals to you?

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Quiz topic: What World War II Battle am I ?