Poke'Mon Battle Frontier Quiz

There are millions of Poke fans in this world. But do you know more than you think you know about the new programme Pokemon: Battle Frontier. Test your skills on this quiz to see how smart you are.

There are 10 questions in this quiz. Your final results will be rated as a percentage - out of 100%. I hope you enjoy this quiz and try your best. Good Luck!

Created by: Luke Ray

  1. How many times does Ash Ketchum battle Brandon for the Frontier symbol?
  2. How far does May go in the Kanto Grand Festival?
  3. How many Frontier symbols are there in total?
  4. How many ribbons do you need to enter the Grand Festival?
  5. How does May get her Eevee?
  6. Which episode does Ash's Grovyle evolve into Sceptile?
  7. What is the name of the Poke'Mon Ranger that captures Deoxys?
  8. In which of these Poke'Mon games can you challenge the Battle Frontier?
  9. Which 2 people are captured by Deoxys in the double episode of Poke'Mon Ranger Deoxys crisis?
  10. Who does Ash battle when he gets back to Pallet Town after challenging the Battle Frontier?

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