The Frontier : First Encounters Quizz

Could you survive in the harsh worlds of Frontier : First Encounters? This quiz will determine your competency as a pilot by evaluating your general and in-depth knowledge of the third game in the acclaimed Elite series.

Do you play it safe? Or are you going to get rich quick or die trying? This test will evaluate whether you're a trainee cadet plying the milk runs in the core systems or a battle-hardened Commander smuggling illegal and exotic goods to frontier anarchies.

Created by: Punk Moogle

  1. What Year was Frontier : First Encounters released?
  2. What were the three main political factions in Frontier : First Encounters?
  3. What were the three Imperial ships in Frontier : First Encounters
  4. Which of these was not a Journal in Frontier : First Encounters?
  5. Which of these original Elite Ships was not available for purchase in Frontier : First Encounters?
  6. The Capital of The Empire was in which star system?
  7. Which of these systems required a permit to enter?
  8. Who sponsored the Wiccan Ware race?
  9. What controversies surrounded the release of Frontier : First Encounters?
  10. Which of these devices was not available in Frontier : First Encounters?
  11. What was the disadvantage to owning a Military Hyperdrive?
  12. Which of these American Presidents lent his name to a Station in Earth's orbit?
  13. What Operating System was Frontier : First Encounters released for?
  14. What unusual cargo featured in one of the hand-coded missions?
  15. Which organisation was responsible for covering up the truth about the fate of the Thargoids?
  16. And how did that organisation defeat the Thargoids in the first place?
  17. Which of these is not a rank awarded by the Empire?
  18. What was the only ship in Frontier : First Encounters to come installed with a Class 4 Military drive?
  19. If you purchase a new ship at a starport and find yourself exploding shortly after take-off, you have probably forgotten to get what?
  20. Finally, Frontier : First Encounters was the third game in the Elite series, but which computer system was the original Elite first released on?

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