Are you a poke-master?

Are you a poke-master? Many people are, from around the world. Pokemon are our friends, and if you score high enough they will all obey you. From berries to moves learned you will be quizzed on it all.

Not only is knowledge important, what's your strategy? If you're going to spam sand attack, you'll be there for weeks! Take 'em out hard with a hyper or solar beam!

Created by: Fruffles

  1. Which of these Pokemon is NOT a normal type?
  2. How many companions did Ash originally have?
  3. Which type is weak to ice?
  4. Which is NOT an official berry?
  5. What was the first Pokemon designed?
  6. The creator of Pokemon is said to like what?
  7. What song contains the lyric "kick your grass"?
  8. What food did WB Kids say was a "donut"
  9. Who abandoned Charmander?
  10. What Pokemon learns Perish Song?
  11. what is the "Verdant Pokemon"
  12. How many bee evoluition lines are there?
  13. Which of these does not belong? Meowth, Lilipup, Growlithe, Skitty,Poochyena
  14. Which of these is only female?
  15. Ash's original Pokedex was ____
  16. Which of these is real in pokemon?
  17. Pikachu is NOT _____
  18. What is Magikarp's first damage-causing move?
  19. Which of these Pokemon learns Fly by level up?
  20. What Pokemon was foreshadowed in a previous game?

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Quiz topic: Am I a poke-master?