How Much Do You Know About Pokemon?

This Extremely long quiz can determine your rank in Pokemon... Are you a Pokemon wanna-be, A Poke-geek? Or even a Pokemon Master? If you aren't a Pokemon master, you sure can train to become one...

GO FOR IT! That's right you deserve to become a Pokemon Master now why don't you train? Already a Pokemon Master? Don't Worry, you can show those wanna-be Masters what you're made of...

Created by: john
  1. Which three types do all starter Pokemon have?
  2. Which Pokemon evolves into Charizard?
  3. Which of these is not a Sinnoh region Pokemon?
  4. Which of these Legendaries are blue?
  5. What is the Psychic form of Eevee?
  6. Which one of these can fly?
  7. What Pokemon is the Pre-evolved form of Roselia?
  8. Which of these Legendaries is a Hoenn region Pokemon?
  9. What Pokemon evolves into Empoleon?
  10. Which of these is a ghost type Pokemon?
  11. Which is the biggest Pokemon in this list?
  12. Which of these Pokemon can learn Flamethrower?
  13. What Pokemon is called "The Atrocious" Pokemon?
  14. What type is Mewtwo?
  15. What is the Maximum level for any Pokemon?
  16. Which of these Fire-type Pokemon is also a flying type?
  17. How does Lickitung evolve into Lickilicky?
  18. What is the pre-evolved form of Kirlia?
  19. Which of these Pokemon are re-animated from fossils?
  20. When does Giratina change into Origin forme?
  21. Which Pokemon evolves into Banette?
  22. Which of these is a Kanto Pokemon?
  23. What type is Celebi?
  24. Which Pokemon is the pre-evolved form of Wobbuffet?
  25. Which of these Pokemon are not Flying type?
  26. Which of these Pokemon are not Flying type?
  27. Which of these Pokemon is a Hoenn Pokemon which can learn Rock Smash?
  28. What is the evolution of Chansey?
  29. What type is Darkrai?
  30. Which of these Legendaries is a Dragon type?
  31. Can Regigigas learn Hyper Beam?
  32. What colour is a shiny Giratina?
  33. What type is Houndoom?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About Pokemon?