How well do you know the Pokemon Songs?

There is and are true geniuses of the pokemon anime....did i say that right? oh well anyway, i really hope and do tha you get theses all right! ^^ until next time! =D AND this is about the lyrics of the pokemon songs ^^ ok! i made a mistake on the title lol sorry

are you really smart enough to answer the questions with the correct answer? .... try this quiz out! Made by me ^^ and DO NOT pick random answers that would not be nicewr from you to me lol

Created by: Lupita
  1. "So if you're lost, one thing is true never gonna stop looking for you"
  2. "who can deny the joy it brings,when you've found that special thing"
  3. "You know we got...our own special language that only we can speak"
  4. "It's time to polka for ponyta and Pidgey too! come on put on your leader hosen, and try not to step on little pikachu"
  5. "Everybody knows a turkey and some mistletoe,Help to make the season bright,tiny tots with their eyes all aglow,we'll find it hard to sleep tonight"
  6. "were always gonna try it, no one can deny it, we can cause a riot in sunday school,we'll help you believe it,truth can be deceiving, do onto others is our golden rule!"
  7. "it's you and me..i know it's my destiny, (pokemon) oh! you're my best friend and the world we must defend"
  8. ""Joly 'ol St.Nicholas before the night is through, there's something very special that i'd like to say to you, merry,merry christmas""
  9. "oh caterpie,oh caterpie will yous become my butterfree, oh caterpie is very odd, first yous must be a metapod, oh caterpie, oh caterpie, i hope you'll be my butterfree"
  10. "Who's that pokemon at the pokemon christmas bash,whos that pokemon it's Brock,Misty and Ash,who's that rocket's having a blast"
  11. "every trainer has a choice, to listen tto the voice inside,although the battle maybe long winners may have come and gone"
  12. "sometimes it's hard to know,which way you're supposed to go"
  13. "it's all about the battle, you've gotta play smart,you've gotta move faster, you've gotta different win there's a chance to begin again"
  14. "we can change the world if we try, i go where you go, forever friends you and i"
  15. "oh, for the sacrifice you made and all the things you gave"
  16. "Nurse Joy, won't you please Cure me of this bad disease Oh Joy, the diagnosis is bleak When I see your face my knees get weak"

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the Pokemon Songs?