How much information about Palkia do you know?

If you are a Palkia fan, then this is the quiz for you! How much information do you know about this ruler? Some say this legend even created space (In pokemon)!

There are 493 pokemon in this world, but do you know your information about the almighty Palkia? Find the answer to that in this quiz! Maybe people who don't know a lot about Palkia can learn and challenge themselves in this quiz!

Created by: Chris
  1. What type(S) are Palkia?
  2. What game is Palkia the ruler of?
  3. How many Palkia's (Max) are in Pokemon Pearl (Without the Action Replay)?
  4. What is Palkia's catch rate?
  5. What is Palkia's gender?
  6. What is Palkia's main color?
  7. What type is super effective on Palkia?
  8. What number is Palkia on the National Pokedex?
  9. How much experience does a Palkia have at level 100?
  10. How many steps would it take for a Palkia egg to hatch?
  11. What egg group does Palkia belong to?
  12. True or False? Palkia can learn Thunderwave.
  13. What are Palkia's effort values?
  14. What is Palkia's height?
  15. What is Palkia's Weight?
  16. Which is the correct speech explaining Palkia (Pokemon Pearl)?
  17. What level is Palkia found at?
  18. What is Palkia's ability?
  19. What 2 attack types are extremely ineffective (25%) against Palkia?
  20. Palkia is known as the ______ Pokemon.
  21. By 12/22/2007 on the pokemon tv show, did Ash and the others ever see Palkia?
  22. Where is Palkia found in Pokemon Pearl?
  23. How many attacks can Palkia learn that do 150 damage?
  24. Is Palkia allowed to enter in the Battle Tower (Or is he banned)

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Quiz topic: How much information about Palkia do I know?