what beast are you?

this world of are's is full of beast the battle for land and freedom has fell apon us and it will take alot from you to over come this battle your skillz will be the most of all.

in a world of beast wich one are you? its not a matter of picking witch one you like the most but rather witch one where you born as find out now. take this quiz and find out now!!!

Created by: phlames of strickly graphics
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  1. Do you like to be around people?
  2. how do you view life?
  3. if the world was a car i would?
  4. fav color?
  5. fav position?
  6. fav beast?
  7. fav food?
  8. would you sleep with your friends mate?
  9. fav part of op sex?
  10. whats the square root of 144?

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Quiz topic: What beast am I?