How well do you know Battle World RPG?

Think you know everything about Battle World RPG? If you want to revise for a bit, download the game at This quiz will show you how much you actually know about BWRPG. Good luck!

Ready to find out if you have the power to be the best and stuff? You'd better be! Remember, get Battle World RPG at it helps to have played the game before taking the quiz!

Created by: xilef
  1. What are the "Random Names" for Firzen and Freeze?
  2. What element is Firzen?
  3. Who is the rival?
  4. What shape is the Battle World?
  5. What is Louis-Ex/Andrew's starter weapon?
  6. What are John/Oli's growth aquired skills?
  7. Who is the villain?
  8. What are the heroes trying to return to the Battle World?
  9. What year does the story start at?
  10. What baseball game does John/Oli enjoy?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Battle World RPG?