Would you survive in a world of war and peril?

Ok, so everyone thinks there will be a Worl War III someday. Well what if there was??? Would you survive???? Die??? Live through halfway???? Are you even battle material?

Take this quiz to find out. What will you get???? WILL you survive or die a painful, slow death?!!!! Only one way to find out. Take this quiz, and your fate in this battle will be clear!

Created by: Alana

  1. You are called out to war. The year is 3016. What weapon do you bring?
  2. So you bring that weapon of your choice. You need to choose a uniform that will give you an advantage in battle. (remember its 3016. choose the most high tech one)
  3. Now you must choose the group of people who make up your company.
  4. So, now u gotta choose where your camp would be.
  5. So its first day of battle. Do you _______ (fill in the blank)
  6. K, now comes sleep issues. The enemy might attack while youre asleep. Do you take the risk?
  7. The enemy is walking through your territory. You are up in the trees. Do you shoot at em?
  8. You decide to wait till morning to use up some ammunition. besides, they have ALOT more men than you. Morning comes. you realize they are sleeping at the bottom of the tree you are in. they found you out. what do you do?
  9. Ok, so you kill them. but one guy got away. he told his leader and now theyre planning full attack on your camp. what do you do?
  10. Do you think you would survive?

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