Do you know the girls from Canterwood Crest

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Do you know about the Canterwood Girls,well lets see how much you know. This quiz will tell you your amount of knowledge of the girls of CXanterwood so lets go take the quiz :D

Have you read Canterwood Crest? Well lets see how much you know about the girls. Take this quiz to see your percentage of getting the answers right or totally wrong.

Created by: Kassidy

  1. Who owns Charm?
  2. What hall does Heather live in?
  3. What grade does Sasha Silver start at?
  4. Who is Sasha's Best Friend? Before they fought
  5. Who makes up the Trio?
  6. Who made the advanced team?
  7. What did Sasha do to make Heather dislike her more?
  8. Where did Heather come from?
  9. Did Sasha move to Orchard Hall? If so with who?
  10. How did Sasha get in a fight with Callie?

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Quiz topic: Do I know the girls from Canterwood Crest