What is your next job

Everybody needs to plan ahead a little. I mean I can't keep on living in this apartment with Amy. She's getting married. Ok, so maybe you don't need to find out your next job as much as I do, but I'm sure you'd love to know!

If you fit the above description, take my quiz damn it! It's a fun and easy way of finding out what job you should get. But don't worry if your ideal job isn't there, you're still aloud to get it.Go on...what are you waiting for......oh, sorry there's a pinyata blocking the exit.

Created by: fancy jane
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is (or was) your favorite subject at school?
  2. What is (or was) your average grade
  3. Which do you like best
  4. What do you think of sport?
  5. what do you think of math and science
  6. Do you like little kids
  7. Can you sing, dance, act
  8. click the proverb
  9. Do you write?
  10. Are you ever so hyper you nearly drive yourself crazy?
  11. Describe yourself
  12. What is your favorite T.V show?
  13. Have you enjoyed the quiz?

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Quiz topic: What is my next job