How Well Do You Know The Avengers?

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ever heard of the Avengers? try this test to see if you are a fan of them! just remember to double-check answers, might get a wrong answer

hope you all will enjoy this quiz about the world's greatest heros A . K . A the avengers, all answers will have something to do with the heros(based on comics)

Created by: bAcon is good
  1. who is Clint Barton?
  2. who is Captain America?
  3. who is Iron Man?
  4. who is Natasha Romanoff?
  5. who is Ant-Man?
  6. Who is Thor?
  7. who is Scarlet Witch?
  8. who is Wonder Woman?
  9. who is the Hulk?
  10. Who is Falcon?
  11. who is Carol Danvers
  12. what are the avengers?(sorry if not clear)

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know The Avengers?