Go on a date with Peter Parker! (role play quiz for girls)

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Haya! It's me again! If you haven't done any of my quizzes yet, I'm MCU quizmaker. This is my second quiz I've made so far. If you haven't taken my first quiz, "Are you an MCU expert? (test your MCU knowledge)" go check it out! I only make Marvel quizzes so look for my name if you like Marvel. Please make sure to comment on all my quizzes, I always like to see what people think of my creations. And please rate my quiz good so it can make it onto the front page. Thank you!

This quiz is for anyone who is in love with Peter Parker. FOR GIRLS ONLY!! In this role play quiz, you will pretend that you go on a date with Peter Parker and he will tell you how he feels about you. Who knows, he may tell you he's in love or that he never wants to see your face again. It all depends on how you act and talk to him. Shall we begin?......

Created by: MCU quizmaker
  1. Hello, I am MCU quizmaker. Please comment on my quizzes and rate them good, thank you. It is Monday and you rush to school in the morning. You are in high school-the same grade and class as your all time crush, Peter Parker. You have wanted for a very long time to tell him how you feel but you could never come up with the right way to talk to him. But you feel that today is the day! You walk up to him with your hands behind your back and say...
  2. "Hello to you too, Y/N" he says politely. "How has your morning been?" What do you say?
  3. "Okay," he replies. After the bell rings, what is your first move?
  4. While you are sitting in class, you feel a tap on your shoulder. It's Peter. What do you do or say?
  5. (No matter what you chose, he still talked to you.) "Y/N" he starts. "Do you like spiders?" What do you say?
  6. "Interesting" he says and writes something in his note book. You think that he is writing about you but you try to keep your mind off of it. After a while, your best friend, MJ gets in trouble for passing notes. What do you do?
  7. MJ eventually gets out of trouble. "You alright?" you ask her. MJ nods and hugs you with a smile. A little later, you spot Peter making more notes. You go over to ask him about what he is writing. "Uh......" he says. What do you say?
  8. After class, you hang out with MJ a bit, until Peter comes up to you. He says, "Y/N, I want to ask you something. Do you want to go on a date?" What do you do or say?
  9. (No matter what you chose) you two set up a date for tomorrow night. You are going to have dinner at the pizza plaza at 8:00. Does this plan sound good or would you like to change it?
  10. The night of the date came at last. Peter was dressed as nice as he could be and so were you. You have a seat at a dinner table and talk. What do you talk about?
  11. Your food arrives. What did you order?
  12. It turned out that Peter ordered the same thing as you! You two laugh. You finished your food before he did because he wasn't really eating. He was looking at you most of the time. Eventually, he spoke up. "Hey, Y/N. Do you like me?" What do you say?

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