Write a letter to your favorite Avenger! (role play quiz)

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I'm MCU quizmaker. I have four other quizzes so go check them out under my name. Please comment and rate good. Thank you very much! Enjoy this quiz!!! I give support to Marvel1fan, Cinnamon_Roll, AudreyMidoriya21 and CelestiaRULES. Go check out their quizzes too!!!

In this quiz, you will write a letter to your favorite Avenger. It is your choice who you write to. What you get as a result depends on what you say in your letter. Please comment and rate good. THANKS!!! PS-I worked extremely hard on these quizzes so please comment and rate good.

Created by: MCU quizmaker

  1. Hi, I'm MCU quizmaker. In this quiz, you will write a letter to your favorite Avenger. Who are you writing to? IMPORTANT-the Avenger you choose will be replaced by "A/N" for "Avenger's Name" throughout this quiz.
  2. Alright, let's begin. What paper would you like to use for your letter?
  3. What writing utensil are you using?
  4. What would you like your first words to be?
  5. Continue your letter.....
  6. Keep going...
  7. Go on....
  8. Now, ask a question to A/N.
  9. How do you say your good-byes?
  10. Alright, now that you're done writing, do you send anything along with the letter?
  11. Okay! Everything is done! Are you ready to send your letter?
  12. It's sent! Did you like this quiz? (this won't affect your results) Please make sure to check out my other quizzes and comment and rate. Thanks for playing!

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Quiz topic: Write a letter to my favorite Avenger! (role play quiz)