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Hello fellow wings of fire fans! This is a quiz to see what Qibli thinks about you! Maybe he likes or? Or hates you? Or something else? Please enjoy my quiz!

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Created by: LilyDragonPop
  1. First, what paper would you use?
  2. Second, what would you start out with?
  3. Third, what would your first sentence be?
  4. Fourth, what would your body paragraph be?
  5. Fifth, what would you last sentence be?
  6. Sixth, how would you end your letter?
  7. Seventh, what would your envelope be?
  8. Eighth, what gift would you give him?
  9. Ninth, what would be on the stamp?
  10. Tenth, how would you send the letter?
  11. Last but not least, what do you think of Qibli? (Will not effect results)

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