Plan a party and I'll reveal your surprise Avenger guest!

Have you ever dreamed of an Avenger coming to your party? Well, I'm MCU quizmaker and I'm here to make that happen! (Not really. Just a game.) Play this quiz to plan your perfect party and find out which Avenger would make a surprise appearance! Every detail counts so keep that in mind. (No gag answers)

I've made five other quizzes so far. They're all Marvel so play them if you like Marvel. When you're done, please comment, rate good and check out my other quizzes. I worked really hard on them. P.S.- you can play this quiz even if you don't watch Avengers. If you only want to plan a party. There are some answers that apply to this.

Created by: MCU quizmaker

  1. Hi, I'm MCU quizmaker! So, first of all, what type of party are you planning? (Keep your answer in mind. Stick to this answer throughout the whole quiz.)
  2. Say you were planning a wedding. Who would be getting married? (Answer this question even if you didn't pick wedding)
  3. What is your party's first activity?
  4. Besides your surprise guest, who are you inviting to your party?
  5. What food will be at your party?
  6. Is there a theme or special activity at your party?
  7. How will you decorate at your party? (some of the options say what is at the party)
  8. Will there be gift giving at your party?
  9. Will you be purposely inviting any Avengers?
  10. Will there be games at your party?
  11. How will you and your party guests dress at your party?
  12. What kind of music will you be playing at your party?
  13. How will you conclude your party? (end it)
  14. Thank you so much for playing my quiz. Will you comment, rate good and play my other quizzes? (doesn't effect)
  15. I just wanted to ask you, I dunno why, but who do you want to come to your party? (doesn't effect)
  16. You ready to see who came to your party? (doesn't effect)

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Quiz topic: Plan a party and I'll reveal my surprise Avenger guest!