Peter Parker vs Miguel OHara

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Alright for the Spider-Man and Marvel fans, let’s see if you know the compare and contrast, the differences and similarities between Miguel O’Hara, the Spider-Man of 2099, vs Peter Parker, the 616 Main Spider-Man.

I hope you enjoy this quiz, I wish you farewell and good fortune and luck when you take the quiz, when you’re done, I’ll swing bye and give a parting message, have a good time!

Created by: Devaughn Simpson

  1. Who has Spidey Sense?
  2. Who has enhanced hearing and sight
  3. Who has organic webbing
  4. Who lives in the year 2099?
  5. Who has the villain Electro?
  6. Who is a scientist?
  7. Who loves Xina Kwan
  8. Who knows a Captain America
  9. Who has fangs?
  10. Who made their own suit
  11. Who has talons?
  12. Who is part Mexican?
  13. Who was on Edge of Time?
  14. Finally, who has brown hair?

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