Which Spider-Man are you?

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Hello, welcome to my new quiz, which Spider-Verse comic Spider-Man are you out fo the following that will be listed below in the next paragraph……………..

The following Spider-Man characters you can get on this quiz are, Peter Parker (616), Miles Morales, Miguel O’Hara, or Peter Parker(Noir Universe). Have a good time

Created by: Devaughn Simpson of X-Bolt YT Channel
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  1. What would you choose for a color scheme?
  2. Which Spider-Man Game?
  3. How often do you laugh or smile?
  4. Do you make jokes often?
  5. Choose an Arsenal and abilities
  6. How serious are you?
  7. Choose a universe
  8. Choose a helpful feature
  9. Choose an ally
  10. What kind of costume?
  11. Choose a love interest
  12. What enhancements to make you more agile?
  13. Lastly, who do you want to get?

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Quiz topic: Which Spider-Man am I?