Knowing the Celebrities from Spider-man Fare From Home

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In this quiz you'll be looking/taking or reading.... It's about the Marvel Spider-man Cast, know mostly for Tom Holland, Jake Gyllenhall,Zendaya & Jacob Batalon

So what are you waiting for? Press this test (Actually this my first one I made. So I have no Idea how's it's gonna turn out, jut let me know....Something Random~TOM HOLLAND!!

Created by: Liz Sanchez

  1. Who's the one that's scared of spiders (the most) I think everyone is but like I said, (The Most)
  2. Who was the one who took Tony's glasses?
  3. Who in the Spider-man Fare from Home Cast is in the same movie with Jacob Batalon in "Everyday"
  4. Who here has was not in the other Spider-man movie aka Spider-man Homecoming
  5. Who's no longer in Spider-man Fare From Home
  6. Who's Tom Hollands First Celebrity crush?
  7. Zendaya's First Celebrity Crush
  8. Which Name here means "To Give Thanks"??
  9. Who went to the same Collage as Adele?
  10. Is the inspiration behind Taylor Swift's breakup song "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together":
  11. Grandmother is Jamie Lee Curtis
  12. Who started acting in 2016?

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