How much do you Daredevil (all version of the Marvel charact

This is a quiz about the Marvel character Daredevil. All versions of him are being considered for the test. Questions have diferents grades of difficulty and are NOT arranged in increasing difficulty. You win a no prize if you get 100% correct. Good luckl

In each question, there is only one correct aswer. See if you can asnwer them all correct. Remember , there is an o prize if you win,so good luck to you.

Created by: pericothebig

  1. Daredevil s father was a
  2. Only one of the following is true about comics Daredevil's classic red suit.
  3. How many live actions adaptations has Daredevil ever had?
  4. Daredevil has fought fought plenty of Spiderman's villains. Which option has Spiderman's villains that DD has fought?
  5. What is the name of Stick's ninja organization ?
  6. Pick the options that has superhero teams DD has been a member of
  7. Which of these is true about the DD version that appeared in the 90s Spiderman Cartoon?
  8. What are Daredevil's superpowers and/or abilities?
  9. Daredevil's comics have "birthed" characters that have had huge impact in the larger Marvel universe. Pick the options that has characters that first appeared in a Daredevil comic.
  10. Which of these is NOT true ?
  11. One of these videogames does not/did not have Daredevil as a playable character. Which one is ?
  12. What is the name of Matt's law firm while Heather Glenn was finnancing it?
  13. Pick the option that has one character that has worn the DD suit and one that hasn't (not neccesariy in that order).
  14. In his lawyer career, Matt Murdock is mostly.
  15. Which of these franchises were directly influenced by the DD mythos?
  16. Which of these have never written a DD comic?
  17. Pick the option that has superheroes DD is very close to or/and could be considered his friends
  18. In the MCU, as of the Defenders which of these characters related to DD have died?
  19. Which one is true?
  20. Which of these Marvel events has Daredevil not appeared in ?

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Quiz topic: How much do I Daredevil (all version of the Marvel charact