Fabulous Fantastic Four Quiz

With the Fantastic Four movie out, many claim to be a fan, but how much of a fan are you, really? This quiz tests on the Fantastic Four from the last 40 years.

Find out what level of fandom you can achieve by taking this Fantastic Four quiz. You won't get powers of flame, invisibility, or stretching powers from this, but you should have fun.

Created by: Tek Pa of Thwip Radio
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  1. What Comic Book boasts the first appearance of the Sub-Mariner and the orginal Human Torch?
  2. The Orginal Human Torch was really:
  3. What was the name of the space fairing vessel that the members of the Fantastic Four crash before discovering their powers in Fantastic Four #1?
  4. Who was the first villain the Fantastic Four Fought?
  5. Who was the Fantastic four's regular mail carrier
  6. He's big, he's a dog, and he's an Inhuman. What's his name?
  7. What rock group did Johnny and Ben almost meet in Strange tales #130?
  8. During the period when the Thing had lost his powers, Power Man (Luke Cage) took his place. How much, according to the Marvel Universe handbook (1986 ed.), could the Power Man lift?
  9. What diabolical villain first turned a loving Sue Richards into a twisted alter ego called mallace?
  10. By what means do the members of the Fantastic Four enter the Micro World?
  11. What was the orginal name of the Frightful Four member dubbed the Trapster?
  12. Who, besides being a sorceress, earned her pay as a nanny to a young Franklin Richards?
  13. The Daily Bugle, where Peter Parker, Spider-Man, works has played a par in the Fantastic Four book. When was it first mentioned?
  14. Who took Santa's place on year when Santa was injured by Doctor Doom
  15. Who was responsable for shooting the orginal Baxter Building in deep space and then blowing it up
  16. This member was the first to loose their powers for more than a year, and to get their powers back because Galactus zapped them back so that they would have their powers back after they royally ticked him off. Which member was it?
  17. Which race got their planet eaten by Galactus which Frankie (aka Nova) led right to their homeworld after Reed saved Galactus from death?
  18. What was Galactus's orginal name as told in Super Villain Classics?
  19. We all know of Crystal and the Fantastic Four. She joined a few times, but what was the other team she joined in the 90's?
  20. In the 1980's, Reed and Sue quit, um... again, yet this time they let Ben (the Thing) recruit two people, who does he recruit?

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