Could you be Spiderman?

Think you have what it takes to be Spidey? Well take this quiz to find out. Can you manage to crawl up a wall, web-swing, fight the bad guys, fall in love, wear the tights, and spin web like a spider? Well, can you?

I made this because Spider-man is cool, if you watch, read, or whatever a Spiderman, you may ask yourself, "Could I be Spidey?" or, "Could I do that if I had the power?" Hell, you may want to be Spidey just to get MJ or have a chance of Black Cat touching you.

Created by: Grant of The Shifter's Forest
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  1. First off, do you like Spiders?
  2. Have you ever been bitten my a spider?
  3. Are you a nerd?
  4. Do you love Science and Math, along with Biology?
  5. Have a best friend that secretly competes with you?
  6. Do you live and/or love you Aunt?
  7. Do you have a lot of people out to get you?
  8. Which girl do you prefer?
  9. Does your last name begin with a "P"?
  10. Which color of a costume do you most prefer over the others?
  11. If someone was in trouble, would you go out of your way to help them?
  12. Are you scared of heights?
  13. What do you think of the hulk?
  14. What do you think of Wolverine?
  15. Would you like Johnny Storm (Human Torch) to be a friend?
  16. Last Question: Do you believe that with great power, comes great responsibility?

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