How well do you know Iron Man?

We all know who Iron Man is. 'Shellhead', 'man in a can', The Amazing Iron Man. He is an iconic superhero with no actual super powers of his own, aside from his intelligence.

Speaking of intelligence, how well do you actually know the iconic hero we all know and love? Do you consider yourself an Iron Man Specialist? Take this test and allow me to prove you wrong...

Created by: Daniel Tait
  1. Who saved Tony Starks life by attaching an electromagnet to his heart?
  2. Which suit version was the first to solve the "Icing Problem"?
  3. What is the suit made out of?
  4. What was Tony's Mothers name?
  5. When did Tony first meet Aldrich Killian?
  6. Which version of the suit can be transported in a briefcase?
  7. Which suit has Autonomous Prehensile Technology? (Don't Google it in a different tab. That's cheating)
  8. What is War Machine now called?
  9. What did Tony say to bring all his suits to the battle at the end of Iron Man 3?
  10. What is the Hulkbuster also known as?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Iron Man?