x men character quiz

The world is mutating and people are scared of the mutants and their power. You are one of many mutants with rare abilities. Will you use your power to help the world with your unique abilities.

Are like the powerful jean grey, the beast. In this quiz you will find out what Xmen you are liely to be. Whether you are powerful or unaccepted, the x men you are is important to the world

Created by: magneto
  1. what do you do in your spare time
  2. how do you respond to an emergency
  3. how do you handle your mutant powers
  4. what is your favorite drink
  5. there is a burning building and the fiefighters arent there yet, what do you do
  6. what is your dream job
  7. favorite color
  8. a lady is being mugged, how do you respond
  9. what is your greatest strenghth
  10. your greatest weakness

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