Are you a really Potterhead? (Severus Snape edition)

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There are so many people who think they’re Potterheads while they’re not or who don’t know if they’re Potterheads. I personally hate misunderstandings and I literally want things to be precise. This is why I made this quiz.

You have 14 questions to answer. There’s only 1 correct answer possible. At the end when you get your results you may not be happy with it but you have to admit it sometimes the truth hurts. Don’t take it personal I’m just helping you see the truth. RATE and COMMENT!

Created by: Severus Snape7
  1. Who wrote the Harry Potter books?
  2. Have you read the books and watched the films both?
  3. Why was Hagrid expelled from Hogwarts as a boy?
  4. How old was Snape in Harry's first year?
  5. What is the name of the actor who played Harry Potter?
  6. What did Dumbledore leave Hermione in his will?
  7. In what year did Lily and James Potter die?
  8. Who is the Master of Death?
  9. Do you remember the name of Dumbledore's sister?
  10. What does N.E.W.T. stand for?
  11. How did Harry survive Voldemort's Killing Curse as a baby?
  12. What is Ronald’s wand’s core?
  13. What does O.W.L stand for?
  14. What spell is Geminio?

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Quiz topic: Am I a really Potterhead? (Severus Snape edition)