Which fictional land do you belong in?

There are many great fictional lands created by many talented authors/directors. Some where there are dangerous perilous quests that take effort to complete.

Have you ever wondered where you belong? Where you need to be? Thanks to this wonderful quiz, you are only a few clicks away from finding out the real truth about you.

Created by: emily
  1. What do you value most in other people?
  2. Which is your more preferable food?
  3. Which is your most liked colour?
  4. Would you prefer to have magical powers and risk it or have no powers and live a safe normal life?
  5. Are you brave?
  6. Tv, film or books?
  7. Which animal?
  8. Doing things alone or in a group?
  9. Which do you prefer?
  10. What genre of music?

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Quiz topic: Which fictional land do I belong in?