Are you a True NASCAR Fan?

NASCAR is a very intense sport. Some people are skeptics and say it isn't a sport but that is because they don't know what it is about. Some people pretend to be fans and I am sick of wannabees so this quiz separates the Rookies from the Legends.

Do you think NASCAR is a fake excuse for Rednecks to sit in there recliners all day on sundays? Or do you pretend to know everything about this sport? This quiz'll weed out the posers and the haters from the True fans.

Created by: Krystal

  1. What does NASCAR stand for?
  2. What does NASCAR stand for?
  3. What Cup did the driver with the highest points win before there was the NEXTEL cup?
  4. What Cup did the driver with the highest points win before there was the NEXTEL cup?
  5. What does COT stand for?
  6. What does it mean to be "Sitting on The Pole"?
  7. Drivers swerve back and fourth during caution in order to?
  8. What is the Smallest Track in NASCAR?
  9. How big is it?
  10. Restrictor Plates...
  11. Who is a 5 time pole sitter at Lowes Motor Speedway with no wins there?
  12. What is the point to a Post Race Inspection
  13. A white flag means?
  14. Bump Drafting is?
  15. Kyle Busch drives for what team?
  16. The Pace Car is?
  17. Where was Dale Earnhardt's last race?
  18. Who is Known for Flipping off his car in Victory Lane?
  19. What Track is known as "The Beast of the Southeast"?
  20. Finaly what are the 4 most famous words in NASCAR (if you don't know this i will have to kill you)

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Quiz topic: Am I a True NASCAR Fan?