NASCAR...How bad have you got it?

Some people think they know Nascar. After you take this quiz you just might think again. This is not for the rookie's. This is only for the people who have got it real bad for Nascar. Good luck to you.

Nascar....How bad do you have it. You are about to see. Will you even qualify for the race? Or will you be sent back to late model cars and learn how to compete with the best. Win...wreck...or blow up.

Created by: Paul Midler
  1. The first race that was televised live from start to finish was the Daytona 500 of what year?
  2. Dale Earnhardt made his first appearance at Charlotte Motor Speedway in 1974 in a late model sportsman event. For what make car did he drive.
  3. In 1975 Dale Earnhardt made his Winston Cup debut in the world 600. What number was the car he drove?
  4. Which driver has the nick name "Jaws"
  5. In the 1984 Daytona 500 which driver had his eyes taped open so he could race due to a wreck at the Bud Clash.
  6. What year was the first All Star race run?
  7. Who won the first All Star race?
  8. Who owns the record for the fastest qualifying speed.
  9. In 1998 Steve Park was injured in a wreck and could not drive the rest of the year. What driver did Dale Earnhardt pick to replace him?
  10. In their first Daytona 500 race together, who had the better finish?
  11. Who has been voted Nascar's most popular driver the most times?
  12. Dale Earnhardt Sr. never won the most popular driver award.
  13. David Pearson and Dale Earngardt both have driven the #3 car in Nascar's top level of racing. Who also drove the #3 ?
  14. In 1984 Richard Petty won his 200th win at what race?
  15. In 1970 Nascar began using restrictor plates on all tracks.

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