How Nascar crazy are you?

There are a lot of people who say they are NASCAR fans but few really are. There are others that are true NASCAR fans almost to the point of being officially NASCAR crazy! :)

My sis and I created this quiz out of boredom and to see if we are the only NASCAR crazy people in this world!!! Are you one that loves the sport...just likes it sorta or is really not a NASCAR fan at all?? Take this quiz to find out!!

Created by: Kaseynut
  1. Do you watch every single race?
  2. What is the first race of the season?
  3. What kind of car does Greg Biffle drive?
  4. How many races are in a Nascar season?
  5. What is Jeff Gordon's main sponsor?
  6. Do you like to watch the WHOLE race?
  7. Who drives the number 8 car?
  8. Do you find anything odd with the name Ryan Vickers?
  9. Who won the 2006 Nextel Nascar championship?
  10. At which track did Kasey Kahne win his first race?
  11. How many championships has Jeff Gordon won?

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Quiz topic: How Nascar crazy am I?