Take this NASCAR Quiz, do you know your stuff?

There is so much NASCAR history out there. I tried to pick the easiest guestions to get started. This is a NASCAR quizs it helps determin the fans from the no so fans. It also is for people who have not been into NASCAR for a long time and may not know some history.

Are you the biggest NASCAR fan? Can you get a perfect score? How much do you listen about past drivers. This is a very easy quizs for all the fans. In just a few min you will find out how much you really do or don't know about NASCAR and its drivers. Good luck.

Created by: Welcome NASCAR fans of Welcome NASCAR Fans
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  1. Out of the following choices provided, which past champions have won back to back championships?
  2. Who was the 2002 Rookie of the year?
  3. Who was rookie of the year in 1993?
  4. Who was voted most popular driver in 2002?
  5. Who was the most popular driver in 2003?
  6. Allison, Burton, Bodine, Waltip, Petty, Parrott. These are all families of NASCAR...
  7. Dale Earnhardt Sr began his Cup career in what year?
  8. Cale Yarborough began his cup career in what year?
  9. These drivers finished in the top 5 in points in 2006?
  10. Who was the cup champion in 2000?

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Quiz topic: Take this NASCAR Quiz, do I know my stuff?