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But do you remember the Daytona 500's of the past? Take this quiz to find out. NASCAR is a very intense sport. Some people are skeptics and say it isn't a sport but that is because they don't know what it is about. Some people pretend to be fans and I am sick of wannabees so this quiz separates the Rookies from the Legends.

Find out how big of a Nascar fan you really are! How much do you remember? Have you watched the races? Or just the highlights? Or don't even know what Nascar is, but want to guess at the answers to see how high of score you can get?

Created by: banjo
  1. What did David Pearson shout by way of explanation as he crashed on the last lap of the Daytona 500 in 1976?
  2. Who is the only driver whose only official NASCAR win was in the 500?
  3. What did CBS TV broadcaster Ned Jarrett call the final few laps of the 1993 race?
  4. . Who is the only college graduate to win a Daytona 500?
  5. Who were the only father and son to finish 1-2 in a 500?
  6. What team has the only 1-2-3 500 finish, and who were its drivers?
  7. What team has fielded the highest number of different 500 winners, and who are they?
  8. What famous driver is said to have invented drafting at Daytona International Speedway in 1960?
  9. What impromptu dance did Darrell Waltrip do in Victory Lane when he won in 1988?
  10. Who was driving the "third car" in the finish-line photo of Lee Petty and Johnny Beauchamp at the checkered flag in 1959?
  11. Neither was born in Daytona Beach, but who are the only Daytona Beach residents to have won a 500?
  12. Who are the father and son duos to have won a 500?
  13. Though "successful" is a subjective term, who is arguably the most successful NASCAR driver never to have won a Daytona 500?
  14. What is the name of the lake in the speedway's infield, and where did track-builder Bill France take the dirt from the lake?
  15. Who was the first driver to exceed 200 mph in Daytona 500 qualifying, and why didn't he start on the pole?
  16. Who was the first woman to run a Daytona 500?
  17. Who was the famous photographer whose finish-line photo helped Bill France Sr. Determine the winner of the inaugural 500?
  18. Officially -- and that's a key word -- who won the first stock-car race on Daytona 500 weekend in 1959?
  19. What year witnessed the only full-distance, caution-free Daytona 500?
  20. Who are the only Daytona 500 winners to also have won an Indianapolis 500?
  21. What Daytona 500 winner led the fewest laps?
  22. What sports-car driver did Tiny Lund rescue from a burning car and thus earn a ride in that injured driver's car in 1963?
  23. Name every pole-winner who's qualified at more than 200 mph for a Daytona 500.
  24. Who are the youngest and oldest 500 winners?
  25. Who was the last 500 winner to start from the pole?

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