Could You Win The Daytona 500

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Here is a quiz to test your skill, cunning, and NASCAR intelligence to determine whether or not you could win the Daytona 500 NASCAR’s greatest privilege.

You will answer ten questions or scenarios that may happen in the Daytona 500 to test if you are smart enough to win the race against the best of the best

Created by: SportsBoy

  1. It’s the start of the race. What do you do
  2. It’s the 20th lap and you’re stuck in the bottom line with a car in front of you and a lane above you
  3. There is a crash in front of you on lap 37
  4. You’re in 2nd Place, but the car in front of you keeps blocking you
  5. Half of the race is done, and you want to make a move to the lead
  6. It’s lap 142 and you only have 7 laps of fuel left
  7. It’s the last lap and you need to take the lead
  8. Do you have any rivals
  9. Why do you race
  10. Was this fun

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