Galactic Civilizations

Galactic Civilizations was widely hailed as one of the greatest 4X gems of its time when it was released. Featuring the cleverest diplomacy of its day, it supported those who could manipulate their enemies. Galactic Civilizations II: The Dread Lords, and its expansion pack Dark Avatar and Twilight of the Arnor, expanded upon that, with refined diplomacy, a far more cunning map scheme, and a novel economic system.

This quiz is designed to determine how good you are at ruling your empire. You answer will come in the form of an approval rating, which all players will recognize as critical to an empire's success. If you don't own the game, BUY IT NOW. If you do own it, step right up and test your worth as a galactic overlord.

Created by: God Xal

  1. Do you own Galactic Civilizations II, or any of its expansion packs?
  2. Do you own any other 4X titles?
  3. What is your usual race?
  4. What is the highest difficulty level you've ever won a game on?
  5. Which victory do you usually win?
  6. Which resource do you build up most?
  7. What is your usual approval rating?
  8. How powerful are you diplomatically, and how much do you use that power?
  9. Have you ever forced another civilization to surrender, directly or otherwise?
  10. What is your usual number of trade routes? This includes those made by other races.
  11. What is your average foreign relation status?
  12. How many opponents do you usually have?
  13. What is your usual galaxy size?

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